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Crowdfunding As Corporate Financing – An Alternative Form Of Financing For The Self-Employed?

Self-employed people often find it difficult to get a company loan from a bank. Therefore, crowdfunding can be an alternative to a bank loan, especially for self-employed and freelancers. While this group financing has long been established in the USA and Great Britain, it is only in Germany that it has its big breakthrough. On a financing platform, the self-employed person can register, present his or her project/service and determine the financing amount. Everything you should know about swarm financing, you will learn in this article. Continue reading

Start-Up Financing – How To Convince The Bank With Your Business Idea

It is the founders who are responsible for social, economic and technical progress. Unfortunately, however, in many cases the start-up project fails due to the financing of the business idea. The solution: the loan for founders of credit institutions. However, start-up financing is not simply granted. The founder must prove his business idea and convince the potential investor that he is only taking a small risk. You can find out how to do this best here. Continue reading