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How Does Life Insurance Work?

The Britains save a large part of their income. In the order of 15% on average.

Despite this high savings rate, British savers have a rather poor knowledge of the savings products available to invest their savings effectively.

For example, life insurance is one of the most interesting ways to invest your money and many of you are wondering how life insurance works.

In this article, we take stock of how this savings product works, which is also a nice tax niche.

First of all, don’t confuse it with death insurance: life insurance is a savings product.

Moreover, you can withdraw your invested money whenever you want, your money is not blocked.

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The Difference Between Speculation And Investment

In Latin, the “speculator” is the observer, the scout, the general’s spy. Nowadays, he identifies the one who wants to profit from the evolution of the price of a good or a property title (share, bond, real estate, option, currency, interest rate…). The speculator has no other goal than to make a profit and ideally in the shortest possible time. The speculator is not interested in the quality of goods and securities, nor in the social impact of his decisions (layoffs, poverty, expropriations, famine, …etc), but only in the price gap whether it is rising or falling, having the potential to generate a profit. Continue reading

Equities And Funds Rank Third Among The Most Popular Forms Of Investment

With interest rates remaining low, many investors are beginning to rethink. According to a recent survey, the number of security buyers is increasing. However, not all customers have yet discovered the advantages of shares and funds for themselves. You don’t have to go straight to Wall Street to buy securities.

With interest rates remaining low, conservative savings deposits hardly bring any income. – Katrin Chrambach, Postbank Continue reading