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What Does The Bank Of The Future Actually Look Like?

At a time when savings banks and cooperative banks are having to cope with declines in earnings of up to 30% due to the ECB’s continuing low interest rate policy, many people are asking themselves what is actually going to happen to the traditional model of the house bank. How long can such a system, which on the one hand is characterized by a dense branch network and on the other hand by a commission-based sales strategy, continue to hold its own against new, innovative market participants, so-called FinTech companies? Continue reading

Save Money With The Envelope System

The envelope system, I’ve never talked about it on the blog because I don’t use it. But I’ve heard so many good things about it that I had to mention it. Usually, I don’t like to talk too much about what I don’t practice. But I’m making an exception, because it seems that the envelope system helps you manage your budget in a very efficient way. Several people have told me about it, and I will tell you what they told me about their experience.

Moreover, it is an old method, and I really like old methods full of common sense. They have proven themselves.

So if you’re looking to increase your savings, this tip will certainly help you! Continue reading

Hungary Launches Unusual Credit Campaign For Women

Family planning in a different way: Hungary’s government plans to use the generous loans to exert a positive influence on the planning of young Hungarian families. With state-guaranteed loans, women are to be motivated to make a greater contribution to the birth rate.

By offering favourable conditions for loans, the Prime Minister of Hungary wants to encourage women in the country to bear more children. Hungary has already subsidised the procreation of children in the past. And this has achieved marginal success, after all. In six years the birth rate has risen by 0.3 percent. Now women are to be granted cheap loans to make it easier for them to decide to have more children. Continue reading

Cheaper Money Transfer: How To Do It?

You may need to transfer money abroad for many reasons: to support your family, to help a loved one on a trip, to book a vacation rental, etc.

It used to take a long time and be expensive through the usual channels. It’s always frustrating to have saved money, only to have part of it cut down by transfer fees.

But that was before. I’m going to show you how technological innovations allow us to reduce our costs and save money. I’ll take the example of money transfers, but the same principle applies in many other areas. Continue reading